Ultimate Family Guide to the Best Ski Clothing

Top Materials, Perfect Fits, and Premium Brands that Care About The Environment

Ski season is upon us and picking the optimal ski clothing is a game-changer. The trick to enjoying the slopes is wearing clothing that keeps you warm and dry without overheating, while allowing you comfort and mobility. This guide will navigate you through the best materials, the essence of a great fit, and spotlight some of our favorite brands that also keep an eye towards the environment and sustainability.

Why Material Matters

When it comes to ski clothing, every stitch counts. Key considerations:

  • Insulation: With top-notch materials like down and synthetic fibers, say goodbye to shivers. Down offers unparalleled warmth, while synthetic shines in damp conditions.
  • Waterproofing: Gore-Tex and other leading waterproof materials are your armor against snow and rain, keeping you perpetually dry.
  • Breathability: Advanced fabrics like eVent ensure you remain moisture-free, letting sweat escape but not cold in.

Mastering the Fit: Layering Is Key

How your ski clothing fits can elevate your skiing experience and layering is the key to comfort:

  • Jackets and Pants: Aim for a snug, comfortable fit. Adjustable features, such as cuffs and waistbands, are gold. A fit that’s too tight restricts; too loose invites the cold and snow.
  • Base Layers: Aim for skin-tight but breathable. Remember, circulation and mobility are key.
  • Mid Layers: Prioritize non-bulky, snug fits that layer easily. 

Spotlighting Ski Brands

  • Alps & Meters: Marrying classic designs with modern technology, Alps & Meters champions wool-rich garments like the Alpine Anorak. Stand out stylishly and comfortably. Notably, they're also conscious of ethical sourcing and reducing their environmental impact.
  • Fera: Where elegance meets innovation. With Thermolite insulation and stretch fabrics, Fera ensures warmth without compromising movement. They also like to  use eco-friendly dyes and energy-efficient production methods.
  • Aztech Mountain: Luxury meets performance. Dive into advanced materials like Gore-Tex and Primaloft. Functional designs ensure comfort is a constant. Reducing waste and responsible manufacturing practices are at the core of their brand ethos.
  • Corbeaux: A leader in base layers, Corbeaux emphasizes quick-drying, long-lasting materials. They also prioritize environmental responsibility, showcasing that performance and planet-consciousness can coexist.

Kids: Keeping the Little Ones Looking Cool and Loving the Slopes

Let’s face it- parents can only enjoy the ski day if their kids do, too. Comfort is key when it comes to kids having fun skiing. Brands like Roarsome, Töastie, Namuk, and Town Hall are setting trends. Here's why:

  • Roarsome: Pioneering vibrant, safety-centric designs. Waterproof yet breathable, Roarsome stands tall in children’s ski gear. They also emphasize ethical manufacturing and aiming for a reduced carbon footprint in their production cycle.
  • Namuk: Swiss precision meets kids’ skiwear. Namuk shines with its reinforced, versatile designs. They, too, are committed to sustainable sourcing and minimizing their ecological footprint
  • Town Hall: A fusion of the classic and modern. Town Hall’s longevity-focused ski wear ensures kids stay warm and agile, but also means less waste over time. 
  • Töastie: Championing eco-friendly, functional wear. Töastie products, with extendable features, make sustainability stylish. Their dedication to using responsibly sourced down and recycled materials not only underlines quality but also their green vision.

For winter sports enthusiasts, investing in quality ski clothing for the whole family is non-negotiable to ensure the best possible ski day. This guide offers insights into premium brands, materials, and fits to keep you at peak performance while keeping our planet in mind. Whether you're an adult or shopping for the young ones, the right attire can magnify the joy of skiing. Hit the slopes with confidence and consciousness!

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