Behind the Brand: Alp N Rock

Alp N Rock was founded in 2007 by Susanne Reich. Alp N Rock prioritizes comfort and fit and desires to create pieces that go beyond trends. This sustainable brand takes pride in its close attention to detail and the high caliber materials used in every piece. Read on for an exclusive interview with Alp N Rock CEO, Susanne Reich!

Tell us a bit about you and your background.

I was born in Canada and raised in Switzerland.  I have spent 30+ years in sales and marketing for international luxury brands. 

Why did you decide to create the brand?  

Alp N Rock began with a mission to send girls in need to school and create lasting change through the gift of an education.  We are excited that we have reached our initial goal of sending 1000 girls to school and are looking forward to building on that in the years to come.  The collection was born from the desire to create pieces that transcends trends, with an emphasis on quality, fit and sustainability.

What makes Alp N Rock stand out amongst competitors?

I believe it starts with authenticity and a true desire to be an ethical brand and company.  At Alp N Rock, mindfulness has always been in our DNA. We believe that in many ways, sustainability and mindfulness are synonymous. Of course, we aim to be economically sustainable, but beyond that, we strive to fulfill the social and environmental responsibility that is a fundamental part of being an ethical company. We keep this ethos close to us along each step of the way - from how we choose our materials, to our factory selection, all the way to the closets of our valued customers.

If there is any message to take away from Alp N Rock products?  What would it be?

Things of quality have no fear of time, we create pieces that transcend trends and can be worn and loved for many years. We encourage everyone to invest in fewer pieces with longer lifespans: when you do this, you use your dollar to vote for a more sustainable world. We care about the future of this planet, which means that in the coming years you will continue to see us prioritize our social and ecological responsibilities.  

Do you have any favorite pieces from Alp N Rock at the moment?

I have so many but I will try to narrow it down,  I love the new shearling styles, the Livi shirt jacket and the Noelle.  The Simone sweater is a chunky knit sweater that I live in all winter and pair it with the Vallon quilted jogger for cold winter walks.  The Kendall sweater can be worn from chilly September nights all the way until April and I love pieces that can be worn across seasons, throw the La Vitesse Vest on top and you have a very pulled together look for a mountain or city.

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