ALWRLD: What is Planet—Based Sport?

Planet-Based Sport is key to what ALWRLD is. They foster the idea that sport is a bonding force that can bring us together in a community. Founder Phillip Pavkov wants to instill in us that we, as athletes, need to understand the impact that our actions and decisions have on the planet that we are fortunate enough to exercise on and enjoy its nature. To learn more about planet-based sport, keep reading what Phillip has to say! 

What is planet-based sport?

Planet-based sport is a view that sport is not an isolated activity but is something that brings us together as a community. It’s an understanding that our actions, in sport and everyday life, have an impact on people and the environment. We have a choice of whether we want that impact to be positive or negative. And like so many things, our choices are compounding and over time we have a profound influence. 

Why create planet-based sport?

Planet-based sport is a realization that with no planet, there will be no sport. We want future generations to enjoy sport and activity with blue skies, clean water and fresh air. We are at a great crossroads now to do something about it and ALWRLD has chosen to step into the challenge of doing things differently that will have a long-lasting positive impact. 

What was the inspiration behind this idea?

After being a part of the apparel industry for over 20 years, I’ve seen the waste that it produces and the resources that it burns. Intelligent design is the key, starting with the raw materials through end products and packaging. The process of how these pieces are gathered, created, assembled and delivered need to be closely analyzed with the intent of offering a great product at a reasonable cost while not abusing our resources and creating toxic waste. 

What are the benefits of planet-based sport?

The benefits of planet-based sport are both short and long term. In the short term, we have better quality apparel that lasts longer. The fabrics and construction allow you to get the most out of your garment, which also saves you money over time. A strong demand created by consumers will motivate brands and manufacturers to incorporate more sustainable actions in their process. The long term benefit is that a fundamental change is taking place in the manufacturing sector that is starting to consider the environment as an integral part of their decision making process. Ultimately this will lead to growth in innovative sourcing and improved quality of life for all involved.


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