Although better known for their glamour and elegance off-piste, the mid-20th century icons of winter royalty were highly committed skiers with a true passion for the mountains. A look back at the Winter Olympic Games and training sessions of that time will reveal a world of varied and stylish sweaters worn by the world's best alpine athletes.

The Alps & Meters Slalom Knit seeks to evoke the passion, and downhill expertise possessed by these female alpine sport pioneers. Personalities such Penny Pitou, Andrea Mead Lawrence, and Gretchen Kunigk Fraser possessed the rare combination of flair, attitude, and alpine skill which demanded unique sportswear of similar measure. Composed of equal parts personality, elegance, and self-expression while offering form fitting characteristics of comfort, Alps & Meters’ Slalom Knit is a long forgotten staple of the winter sportswomen’s wardrobe. Offering protective yarns and a nostalgic graphic presentation so as to be recognized by spectators from afar, this properly knitted piece conveys the story of alpine sports’ first female acing personalities, their passion for skiing, and their highly fashionable taste on and off the mountain.