During the 1920s, skiing evolved from practical mode of winter travel to one of winter recreation. Having adopted many of the wardrobe presentations from the en vogue street fashions of the times, ski skirts were the standard attire until the 20s when trousers were adopted, matching the straight lines and trim fitting elements of tailor-made sportswear worn by male members of high society. In a collision of trends, and a growing passion for skiing, designers of the times embraced the specialized creation of sportswear developing practical garments with a streamlined cut, allowing for enhanced range of motion and sleek, sophisticated comfort.

It is in recognition and appreciation of such tailored sportswear garment innovation that Alps & Meters has designed the Twenties Trouser. Elegant, simple, and bold, the trouser is cut from a luxurious Italian stretch merino wool with windproof and waterproof protection for the traditional skier who appreciates the integrity and comfort of classic styling and construction.