Color: Black



2MM front-zip Spring suit made in Geoflex w/ Hydrasilk rubber/nylon innovations and premium engineered details to keep you warm and comfortable in those variable spring time conditions.

Size + Fit

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Material + Care

2 MM Geoflex w. Hydrasilk

Recommended for 18-21°C / 63-69°F water temps

Geoflex: A limestone-based rubber that is engineered to provide maximum flexibility for an unparalleled fir and is kinder to mother nature.

Hydrasilk: The next generation nylon, is a silky-smooth material that creates a hydrophobic (rejects H20) barrier. This minimizes how much water is absorbed into its rubber core and protects against wind, keeping you warmer and drier, while making the suit lighter and longer-lasting.

Care: After use, rinse wetsuit thoroughly with fresh water. Hang to dry and avoid drying in direct sunlight.

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