Warm, cuddly, fine and soft, making it so comfortable to wear, Namuk’s Merino long-sleeved shirt Elo is an essential piece for every wardrobe. Their 100% natural Merino wool is magical: it warms you up when it’s cold outside, cools you down when it’s warm, and its natural antibacterial properties prevent unpleasant odors. Together with their manufacturers, Namuk has developed the prized Merino yarn to become even more tear-resistant. The long-sleeved shirt can easily be worn as a base layer under our winter jackets and pants, or as is for lazing around at home. And, because of Merino’s temperature-regulating effect, the longsleeve has been known to replace the old favorite pajamas for a lot of kids. It’s 100% natural, of the finest quality and our production is in Europe — certified mulesing-free.

Size + Fit

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Material + Care

Content: 100% Merino