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40th Anniversary, Limited Edition

Celebrating 40 years at the forefront of innovation, design & technology.

To celebrate Xcel’s 40th anniversary, our fall line will include a blast from the past, featuring some of our most iconic, bright, and bold styles. 

This fun retro collection will feature more color blocking than our traditional minimalist philosophy while utilizing the modern design, technology, and materials the Xcel brand is known for. 

Matt Archbold, one of Xcel’s most prolific and most influential team riders of all time is back on board and charging as strong as ever! “Archy’s” speed and style is timeless, much like Xcel’s Infiniti Solution Series.

Ideal Core Warmth and Performance. The Infiniti series is the work horse in the Xcel lineup. It offers the perfect balance of warmth and stretch. ThermoLite IR is used from the chest to the ankle for added stretch and warmth. The exterior has Channel Flex upper and Ultra Stretch lower.

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