Nix the Skin Stripping.

We are all about healthy and better barrier for your skin. Say buh bye to overly aggressive soaps and acids and say HELLO to Lucid Enzyme Cleansing Powder. It lathers lightly while deeply cleansing. We promote your healthy glow with brightening actives, niacinamide and pineapple enzymes, to target dullness. Your skin will feel soft and refreshed with every use.

Buy once and refill for its lifetime. This Purity Starter Kit pairs our LUCID (DETOX + CLARIFY) Enzyme Cleansing Powder together with a metal refillable container. 

NT/WT 16.0g (160 washes)

More Than a Cleanser,  Detox + Clarify.

Feeling a little extra oily or have some spots giving you trouble? Meet your new best friend. Our newest formula has landed and creates the ultimate step one to achieve a fresh blank slate. Just add water! This lightweight blend of nutrient dense and anti-oxidant rich formula acts as a cleanser, mask, and spot treatment in one.  We mattify in a flash and lather into a soft jelly-like paste for daily use or deep cleaning. All to keep that healthy barrier glowing and looking it’s best. 

We removed the water and the complications by choosing only the purest natural based ingredients to deliver vitamins, antioxidants, nourishing elements, and calming compounds to your skin. How is this possible? Matching science with tested results. Don't believe us? Take a look at our ingredients. We chose and created a formula with 100% skin actives (no filler) so it supports healthy skin that naturally glows. Dullness, oily regions, uneven spots, roughness, and grime don't stand a chance when you have LUCID in your beauty routine.


PAO 24 Months

***Supply time of two months is estimated based on cleanse applications to face and recommended use dose of product.
Need to refill your powder and already own a container?
We created the LUCID REFILL and TRIFECTA REFILL to save you time and money.