Andrew Gunn

Contributing Writer

Shaper, glasser and shop grom for GUNN Surfboards. Actually, he is the entire company. Well, aside from Pooka, Andrew's four-legged partner in crime. She excels in looking cute although he can barely get her to sweep up the bay.

Andrew does everything himself by hand. No machine shapes. No outsourced glassing. All by his hands. Doing everything himself keeps Andrew's eye on quality and affords him the luxury of intense personalization with his loyal customers. Andrew is based in Ocean, NJ right next to the amazing little city of Asbury Park, the cultural epicenter of the east coast.

His greatest joy is hearing about the happiness his boards are bringing their riders. This is a thrill that is unmatched and it is what drives him. Andrew believes that the best way to get a great board is to develop a strong relationship with customers, which is why all of his boards are built entirely around a collaborative vision they both create.

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