Five Wellness Podcasts We Love

From holistic healing to intuitive eating to managing stress and anxiety, here are five podcasts on wellness and mindfulness that we love.

1. The Wellness Mama 

The Wellness Mama is a weekly podcast series created by founder Katie Wells. Its guests include well-renowned doctors and industry thought leaders who go deep into topics like stress, sleep, fitness and holistic living, giving actionable steps to improve health and wellness for the whole family.

2. The Heal Podcast

Hosted by Heal: Discover Your Unlimited Potential and Awaken the Powerful Healer Within author Kelly Noonan Gores, The Heal Podcast is a continuation of the bestselling book and documentary. Gores is on a mission to discover the true extent of human potential and healing, and in this podcast, she interviews top doctors, scientists and spiritual teachers from around the world. Her guests also include real people with real, extraordinary stories of healing supposedly incurable diseases.

3. Radio Headspace 

You may be familiar with Headspace, the leading app for guided meditation and mindfulness tools. In the podcast Radio Headspace, former monk and Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe interviews mindfulness teachers and experts on eliminating negative, internal chatter to live a life that best reflects your potential and power.

4. The Food Haven Podcast 

Hosted by best friends Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, both Registered Dieticians with Master’s degrees in nutrition and certified diabetes educators, The Food Haven Podcast is a space focused on inclusivity. Every Wednesday, the BFFs dive into topics like food and diet culture, intuitive eating and body acceptance.

5. On Being 

The On Being radio show and podcast was created by Krista Tippet in 2003 when she had the, then controversial, idea to host a public conversation that treated religion and spirituality as seriously as politics and economics. Now a top-rated podcast, On Being continues to be a space for going into deep discussions about the mind, body and spirit.

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