Three Healthy Snack Spots in Boulder, CO

This summer I decided that the mountains were calling me, so I was lucky enough to move into a lovely home in Boulder, Colorado. Every day it amazes me how close to nature I am: how many trails I can explore, peaks I can reach, and rocks I can climb. Boulder truly is amazing. After these adventures though my friends and I need to refuel. So with that, here are my three favorite healthy snack spots in Boulder, Colorado.  

Whole Sol Blend Bar

My order: The OG add peanut butter 

One of the best smoothie bowls in Boulder, hands down. Whole Sol is 100% gluten free and dairy free and has a full coffee bar as well as smoothies and other breakfast food. This is the perfect stop before an early morning Flat Iron hike to fuel up with a light weight smoothie, a tofu scramble, or if you’re feeling decadent, the white truffle avocado toast. 


My order: Udon Noodles 

Leaf is a vegetarian restaurant dedicated to bringing creativity and amazing flavor into every meal. They have a passion for fresh and local ingredients that are in season and promote sustainability as a restaurant. Leaf is the perfect spot after a big day of sunshine hikes, creek swims, or trail runs. Leaf’s menu ranges from salads to small refreshing plates to more substantial entrees. The restaurant features many different styles of cuisine on its menu and can be seen with the incorporation of jerk spices and typical Korean dishes like bibimbap with a vegetarian spin. Leaf has a lovely serene atmosphere filled with plants and a pleasant staff. It is for sure a place you want to stay awhile with good company sharing good food. 


My order: Golden Latte and a Banana Chip Smoothie 

Wonder is a 100% organic juice and nut milk shop aiming to serve their customers with fuel that’s good for them and also supports local organic farmers. The menu ranges from juices, broths, and smoothies, all the way to fresh baked goods that change daily. I love Wonder because I always leave feeling energized and refreshed, especially post-yoga or mountain bike rides. It is the perfect pick-me-up after moving my body.

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