How to Travel With Your Ski Gear

Your lift pass is purchased, hotel booked and your gear is ready to go. But whether you’re a seasoned skier or a novice, there is a lot to consider when preparing for a winter excursion. Here is some advice on how to pack for your next skiing adventure.

Ski Gear Packing Checklist

Most likely you will remember to pack your skis and poles, but smaller items like socks and gloves are much easier to forget. To avoid rebuys and costly rental fees, you can use this handy checklist while packing:

☐ Skis / snowboard

☐ Poles

☐ Jacket

☐ Pants

☐ Base layers

☐ Socks

☐ Gloves

☐ Mask

☐ Goggles

☐ Boots

☐ Comfy shoes to change into post-piste

Ski Trip Packing Hacks 

Once your gear is laid out and ready to go, it’s time to start loading up the luggage. And given the extensive packing list that comes with a mountainous vacation, how you pack will make a big difference in ensuring you have enough luggage space.

  • Considering your destination and the time of year, traveling delays are something you will need to seriously consider. Be prepared by keeping all of your must-have essentials in a large tote, backpack, or carry-on bag
  • Buy a ski/snowboard bag and a boot bag that suits your needs. There is a wide variety of styles, sizes and prices available, so think about speaking with a store expert or reading customer reviews before purchasing
  • Consider mailing your skis/snowboards to your destination ahead of time with services like
  • Weigh your luggage before checking-in
  • Buy travel-sized toiletries and cosmetics
  • Roll your clothing items
  • Use packing cubes to stay organized

Lastly, pay close attention to checked and carry-on bag policies if you are flying. Each airline has its own set of rules, so be sure to carefully read the fine print to avoid hefty fees and any other surprises at the airport.

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