Give Back: National Parks Foundation

National Parks are pieces of land protected by the United States that each craft different stories of America through the land. I have been lucky enough to visit several National Parks, including Zion, the Tetons, the Arches, and the Grand Canyon. Each experience is so different regarding topography, climate, and wildlife, yet they all share a common trait: the ability to explore nature and the earth as it was, not as we have changed it. Keep reading to learn more about The National Parks Foundation and how you can give back to this cause that works to protect these pockets of natural beauty. 

The National Parks Foundation (created in 1967) is a nonprofit partner of The National Parks Service. Its primary mission is to protect the national parks' land and maintain it for future generations. The purpose of preserving these lands is for appreciation and recreation; however, we have a commitment to protect the places we love because if we don't, who will? 

The History of The National Parks Foundation had key contributors like First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson and philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller. They lobbied congress to pass the charter to create this Foundation through a commitment to beautifying our county. 

As beautiful as they are to admire and as fun as they are to hike through, it is essential to treat these places with the utmost care. Leaving no human possessions or trash behind and allowing the wildlife to be as wild as they can be by not feeding or aggravating them are easy ways to ensure you're doing your part. We all must do our part and help keep these parks clean. Don't go against the rules. Please don't walk on fragile land that needs to be restored for future seasons; respect all signage and make a goal to keep the land as you found it.

The National Parks Foundation today focuses on promoting programs and projects that protect these precious lands and honor these places of cultural significance. They work to keep trails clear through their Service Corps that engage young adults and veterans in projects that address recreation, conservation, disaster response, and community needs. The Foundation today also teams up with The White House for initiatives like Open Outdoors for Kids, allowing children to get out in nature and participate in experiential learning and cultural heritage exercises. 

Another thing The National Parks Foundation does is raise and allocate critical funds, which means raising money for the Foundation to keep it going and to keep these precious pieces of land protected. Examples of raising funds include donations from people who love and use these parks, entrance fees for the park, gift shops, and monthly contributions. There are many ways to give that will be linked later in the article. Big and small, anything helps keep these parks alive. 

How can people give back to the Foundation now? First, visit the Support tab. There are so many examples on that page of how you can donate a one-time or monthly amount. You can also join selective groups like the Champions Society, which requires you to give a gift of just $1,000 annually; you will protect the park's heritage and allow future generations to bask in these parks. 

National Parks are little pieces of actual land and wildlife we still have in the United States. If you care about nature and preserving history through the stories of these different parks. Please consider donating. 

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