Behind the Brand: DEW MIGHTY

As someone who likes to do their research, Dew Mighty founder Tiffany Buzzatto spent most of her 16 years in beauty reading and understanding ingredients, clinical testing, materials quality and how they intertwine to work on the skin.

Early into her career, she realized that most skincare brands were pushing organic or clean liquid products merely to sell a routine. There wasn't anything out there that suited her busy lifestyle and sensitive skin. So, she created Dew Mighty from her need to keep her skincare routine under five minutes while also preventing trash and plastic in the world she loves so much.


DEW MIGHTY is a high impact skincare brand meant to simplify life (and adventures!) on-the-go while prevent the need for buying water, throwaway bottles, or plastic.

How does it make your skin look so good? 

As someone who likes to do her research, I spent most of my 16 years in beauty reading and understanding ingredients, clinical testing, materials quality and how they intertwine to work on the skin. I took the best powerhouse materials that were high purity and skin nourishing properties and synergized them into unique products that really replenishes essential items (vitamins, antioxidants, building blocks for the skin, etc) so that over daily use it helps strengthen the skin barrier. A strong and healthy skin barrier shows by being supple, soft, moisturized, smooth, and even in tone. Our major results are after one month of continued use of both LUCID and BLOOM in a daily routine for the skin but some of our application results on sun burns are immediate! We do this all in a way that is also gentle to that people with sensitivities like Rosacea or Eczema can also use our products without concerns of flare ups. Suffering from sensitivities my whole life this was super important so we dermatologist test to ensure these major benefits don’t come at a price.

How doe we use it?

LUCID (our Enzyme Cleansing Powder) is the ultimate skin prep and cleanse that removes daily impurities either as a cleanser or as a mask/spot treatment. We create it to be loaded with amazing skin actives versus focusing only on the cleansing. People forget that soap or harsh cleaners will actually cause harm. Our enzyme cleansing powder has some really amazing superfoods and a standardized pineapple enzyme that remains dormant until activated by adding water. It quickly hydrates into a liquid thin soft paste that’s rubbed on moist skin and rinsed off for immediate clean and glow. Once the skin has been prepped our next step is the BLOOM Jelly Serum Bar. This concentrated solid swipes directly to your face delivering skin goodness as it leaves a beautiful dewy glow. The absorption onto the skin is quick (within a minute or two) and since we don't use skin heat it glides on super smooth without a drag. Pop BLOOM into the carry case you are on your way to the next life adventure!

What are some surprising ways to use DEW MIGHTY (ie: on sunburns)?

We have had so many uses for our products we like to test and make sure they are truly saving many steps in a routine before launching our products. LUCID is often used as a polish (the enzymes dissolve away dull skin), is PH balanced and removes the need for a toner, and tackles drying out blemishes when put onto spots overnight. For BLOOM the moisturization and calming properties are amazing for after sun burns, after shave (men love us too!), on eczema, prior to sunscreen or makeup application for smoothing the skin, and as a double cleanse when paired with LUCID. The uses are vast and impressive and we love how it's also eliminated our need for lip balms too!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into beauty.

I think being inquisitive is just  in my nature. Throughout my years in schooling I always gravitated towards the sciences. I was inspired by some amazing teachers in high school to continue my studies in Biology and Chemistry through college but literally had no clue what came after. I actually fell into the beauty industry by answering a job posting for a sales position and starting that first day in the applications lab realizing I had found something pretty special. I blinked and somehow 16 years flew by!

Why did you start DEW MIGHTY?

I was just tired of compromising all the time. I loved the science of building products and regularly created formulas for other brands so I began formulating my own items very early in my beauty career (many of which were launched into market for prestige hair and skincare brands). No one was creating truly innovative items that performed for my travel/busy life that really made an impact on my sensitive skin, instead they were just trying to push organic or clean liquid products that was merely for the sake of selling a routine. DEW MIGHTY was born from my need to keep a five minute or less routine and prevent trash and plastic in the world I loved so much.

Was there a WOW moment where you realized how much even "clean" or "green" beauty is still polluting our oceans and earth?

I think really working in manufacturing was the big eye opener. Seeing all the pallets and brand packaging going in and out in that quantity is shocking. Even more shocking is when rebranding happens and packaging or stock never stock is just tossed away. With the Clean and Green movement it didn’t make sense to me. It only targeted ingredients so when I researched packaging I wondered why everyone ignored the big obvious elephant in the room. How can your formula be Clean and Green if your packaging was made from petroleum and sat in our environment forever (plastic)? That was my wow moment in 2019, wondering how long could we go on living like this?

What is the hardest thing about being a female founder?

I think being a founder, in general, is hard but I do think females take on more roles than our male counterparts in business and in life. I have my first child on the way (due early December 2022!) I am predicting the hardest thing might be balancing all the work responsibilities while raising a good human in the first year. Being a solo entrepreneur this just puts an additional strain on my already limited time but I can't wait to see what the future brings.

We love all of your social media. Can you talk about what are you doing to get the w?

Thank you for that kind compliment, I wear all the hats so this really means the world to me that you are enjoying our social media. We try to keep it positive, fun, and informative all at the same time and found that there is so much fear-mongering and misinformation in beauty that we want to base our education around science. We spend a lot of time collaborating with other like-minded brands and retailers while also reporting on the latest news so that our followers are well informed on topics they may not know about. Right now I'd say Instagram and TikTok are our two main avenues where the gram allows for more lengthy science-based news.

Salt or snow?

Salt, I love visiting snow but nothing makes me happier than sandy toes and a cold drink on a hot day with that ocean breeze.

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