Summer Reading List

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year…summer vacation! Who’s ready to spend the next few months riding bikes, swimming in the ocean, playing at the pool and scooping ice cream with friends? Remember, school might be out, but reading is always in! Dive into your summer reading list with these selections of best-selling children’s books:

1. Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride by Kate DiCamillo (Ages 6-8)

To porcine wonder Mercy, there are few better things in the world than a good, old-fashion car ride with Mr. and Mrs. Watson. But when what started out as a typical car ride takes an unexpected turn, Mercy finds herself in the driver’s seat! Don’t let the “ages 6-8” fool you, Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride is so hilarious it will even make the biggest brothers and sisters chuckle!

2. Ada Lace, on the Case by Emily Calandrelli (Ages 6-10)

With a passion for science and solving mysteries, eight-year-old Ada Lace has never been known to shy away from a challenge. So when she learns the awful news that her neighbor’s dog has been stolen, Ada teams up with her neighbor Nina to bring the dognapper to justice! The first book in the Ada Lace Adventure Series, this is an action-packed and amusing story that will surely be a page-turner for a wide-range of readers.

3.The Wild Robot by Peter Brown (Ages 8-12)

When a robot named Roz wakes up for the first time to discover that she is all alone on a deserted island, her reality sinks in quickly. She may not know how she ended up there, but what Roz does know is that she must survive by adapting to the world around her. From bestselling author Peter Brown,The Wild Robotis a spellbinding tale about what happens when nature and technology meet head-on.

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