Chit Chat with the Gerschel Brothers

Brothers Oliver and Sebastien Gerschel started skiing not long after they started walking, making them the perfect duo to chit-chat with. Check it out!

How old were you when you learned how to ski? 

Oliver: 2 years old.

Sebastien: 2 years old.

Where is your favorite place to ski?

Oliver: Aspen, CO - Highlands.

Sebastien: Aspen, CO - Aspen Mountain (Ajax) and Highlands.

Do you have a favorite instructor? What makes them cool? 

Oliver: Lauta. He’s funny, he’s a really good skier and does tricks like the helicopter.

Sebastien: My dad, he's always looking out for me and making sure I have near perfect carving.

What is your favorite part about skiing?

Oliver: The snow! I love powder. 

Sebastien: Everything! I love shredding down the groomers, ski racing and love feeling the powder in my face.

Any skiing superstars you look up to?

Oliver: My daddy

Sebastien: Bode Miller 

After a long day of you prefer hot chocolate or hot apple cider? 

Oliver: Hot chocolate

Sebastien: Hot chocolate

What advice would you give to a friend who might be too scared to try skiing?

Oliver: Don't look down the chairlift!

Sebastien: Just send it!

Sebastien (left) and Oliver (right) enjoying their favorite treat, pancakes from Bonnie's, on Aspen Mountain. 

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