Five Healthier Alternatives to Easter Candy

Chocolate Bunnies, Robin Eggs, Jelly Beans, Peeps…the list of Easter Candies goes on and on. And while these classic treats are undoubtedly delicious, there are healthier treats out there that your kids can enjoy just the same. Fill your Easter baskets with these five alternatives found at most natural grocery stores.


1. UNREAL, Milk Chocolate Gems

These candy-coated milk chocolate gems are made with a dye-free shell that will satisfy all the chocolate lovers out there.

2. Alter Eco, Easter Chocolate Truffles

Your little ones will giggle with glee when they find these organic chocolate truffles in their Easter basket.

3. Surf Sweets, Organic Fruity Bears

These gummy bears made with organic ingredients, plant-based colors, no artificial flavors and no high fructose corn syrup are bound to be the most popular candy found in the Easter egg hunt.  

4. Annie’s, Organic Chocolate Chip Bunny Grahams

This might not be news to all, but the beloved Annie's makes snacks that are just as delicious as their fan-favorite mac and cheese. Try these, conveniently themed, Chocolate Chip Bunny Grahams this Easter Sunday.  

5. Smart Sweets, Sourmelon Bites

Sour watermelon slices with no sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and added sugar? Yes, please! This is some seriously delicious candy you can feel good about.

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