What's in Our Beach Bag

Beach season is in full swing! Nothing is worse than getting all settled and cozy in your beach setup only to realize you forgot any essential beach day items like sunscreen, some sunnies, or a good beach read. Please don’t fret; we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out what is in our bag for a long, fun beach day!

1. Sunscreen

A must. Sunscreen that is good for your skin and the environment is an essential beach day item for a day in the sun. When looking at sunscreen, it is crucial never to settle and search for a brand that cares about your skin, the world we live in, and the ocean we splash in. The sunscreen we recommend for your beach bag is Surf Durt. It is a natural antioxidant-rich sunscreen that protects your skin and is reef safe.

surf durt

2. Sunglasses

To stay out in the sun all day, you need some serious shades to protect you from the intense rays. We want glasses built for performance that can allow us to indulge in all the beach sports like volleyball and sand running, but that have style as well. Revo sunglasses are in our beach bag for sure because they are the perfect blend of style, protection, and performance that we are looking for.


3. Hat

A good hat is next up on the list. We want something that can protect us all day long in the sun while also being a cute accessory. Barriere hat is just the piece to do all that. These bucket hats are so cute with various prints like denim patches to tie dye patterns.

denim hat

4. Coverup

As the day goes on and the sun goes down, you will want a cozy coverup on the beach. We recommend an Alicia Adams Alpaca sweater to keep you warm at night. The sustainable Alpaca fur, comfortable feel, and cute style make for the perfect coverup to make you look good and feel good.


Alicia Adams Alpaca

5. Hair Care

After a day in the waves or sitting in the sun, you will want to clean that hair. DIP hair care is in our beach bag. These sustainable shampoo and conditioner bars create the perfect beach waves and are made with ingredients that your hair and the environment love.



6. A Good Book

A crucial beach day item is a good book! Check out another blog post called Five Non Fiction Reads for When You Are Dreaming Of the Sea to see our co-founder Kathy’s list of reads perfect for any beach day! 

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