Summer Swim Trends

Summer Swim Trends

Summer is here! That means pool parties, beach days, and outdoor tanning sessions all season long. For all these activities, you need the perfect suit in which you feel confident, comfortable, and stylish. This time each year, it seems we are bombarded with new styles that put the suits in our bottom drawer to shame. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about this season’s swimsuit trends so you can stay on top of your style and stay out in the sun all summer long.




High Waisted Bottoms

Hi-rise everything seems to be a trend that won't quit, and we are for it. These bottoms allow maximum comfort, support, and a shape that makes you feel confident all day long. High-rise bottoms still allow for that bikini feel with a little more coverage and comfort than the standard bikini bottom. Check out Seea for a selection of high-rise bottoms in many colors that can be mixed and matched with various bikini tops. 

Georgia Bikini Bottom - Areia Gold

Stylized One-Pieces 

Another major trend we are noticing is the one-piece train. Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic one-piece, but what is particularly in now are one-pieces with a little bit of flair. This could be seen with interesting cutouts or necklines that take the classic one-piece look to a new level of style, fun, and creativity. One-piece styles we love are suits with unique cut-out designs and suits with color blocking. It takes the simple one-piece and makes it more of a statement piece, especially with some fun cutouts; you are sure to make a splash at any pool party.

Malibu One Piece
Malibu One Piece

Quick-Drying Cover-Ups 

This trend takes you out of the water and into your beach chair as we have seen a new trend emerge: quick-drying colorful cover-ups. A new staple beachwear piece is cover-ups that are functional enough to take you from the beach to your favorite lunch spot. These cover-ups are functional, stylish, and dry quickly to take you from the beach to the streets easily. Cover-ups can serve as the perfect piece, especially once you are done in the sun for the day, but you still want to be out with the beach-going crowd. Brands like Stylest have the perfect cover-ups that have you feeling more protected when you are done tanning for the day. 

cover up


At the end of the day, trends come and go, and what is in style one season can be out by the next. If you hold onto an old suit, chances are it can come back in style at any point, and you will be fitted for the future with a suit from the past. These are just some fun suggestions for Summer 2023 that we have seen people rock and feel confident in all season long!

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