Wetsuit and Surf Suit Musts

If you want to surf all year long, you’ll need a surf suit or wetsuit to keep you company out in the waves!  Purchasing a wetsuit can be intimidating. There are so many brands, types, and styles that it can feel daunting to choose just one. Keep reading to find out the requirements to look for in a wetsuit and to find the perfect suit for you!


First, you need to pick the style of wetsuit you will wear. This is dependent on the season. For example, you could rock a short-sleeved spring suit all the way up to a thick hooded wetsuit for the colder months. The main types of wetsuits are full or shorty/ spring suits (short sleeve leg suits). The longer the wetsuit, the more coverage it can offer in colder months. 

Another factor when looking at a wetsuit is the thickness. How thick a wetsuit is correlated to the temperature it accommodates for. Thickness can range from 3/2 to 6/5 mm, and each range can cover a water temperature range. So when shopping for a wetsuit, it is important to keep in mind where you will be surfing and the range of temperature of that water. 

Matuse wetsuits are an excellent investment because with the Ichiban promise (the best), they provide quality suits that are meant to last a long time no matter what season, thickness, or gender suit; they’ve got quality options. Another great option is Kassia. They’ve got you covered with long-sleeved top and bottom options that allow for sun protection with minimal fabric that still gives you excellent body control in the water. 

Women's Artemis 3/2 Wetsuit Contrast Stitch



Let’s be honest, some surf brands haven’t mastered the female surf suit. Frequently they are too sporty and restrictive or skimpy. Seea suits provide suits that look good but, more importantly, feel great in surfing. They have a suit for all female body types that provides the correct fit in the water and makes surfing comfortable. Seea creates the perfect balance between surf style and function.

Kassia + Surf



Functionality is obviously a core characteristic when looking for a suit, but style and confidence in the water are also important. Cynthia Rowley has wetsuits that will make you stand out in the Summer swells in the best way. From solid prints to funky designs, these suits are quality made and allow a surfer to really express her style.

Colorblock Wetsuit
Cynthia Rowley 



Sunscreen Recommendation: SurfDurt. An essential before any surf session is a sunscreen you feel good wearing with good ingredients that don’t harm the environment. It protects you and the reef of the ocean you are surfing in. Post surf, dip carries excellent shampoo and conditioners that are good for your hair and allow you never to choose between an epic swell and a good hair day.

SurfDurt Sunscreen in Neutral Tan



When looking for surf suits, you want a brand you can trust that cares about you and the earth we live and surf on. Kassia surf has inspired the wetsuit recycling program to encourage wetsuit owners not to toss out old neoprene when it can be transformed into something us. Kassia aims to use its voice to speak on the issues that impact us all and the earth.

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