Behind the Brand: ALWRLD

ALWRLD is a sustainable activewear brand. Everything they create is with the planet and environment in mind. These pieces are not only sustainable but provide amazing fit and function for athletes alike. There are no sacrifices when it comes to ALWRLD; comfort, aesthetics, all with sustainability at the forefront of the product's design. Some pieces are made from recycled materials such as something as abundant as plastic water bottles. ALWRLD works with global partners to create sustainable fabrics, packaging, and manufacturing technology. To learn more about ALWRLD and CEO Philip Pavkov, keep reading! 


Q: Can you tell us a bit about you and your background? 

Philip: Philip Pavkov is a resourceful visionary and commerce expert. He is the CEO and Founder of ALWRLD, a sustainable activewear brand. Philip graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where he studied design and textile science. Before ALWRLD, he had a hand in launching a handful of public and privately owned brands. In 2013 he and a business partner started an athleisure brand called Solfire, based in NYC. They built the brand and in 2018 merged with their manufacturer. Using his manufacturing, logistics, sourcing and design resources, Philip worked to launch ALWRLD in Fall 2021. Philip has a deep passion to better the quality of life for current and future generations through improved global enterprise. Philip and his wife live in Los Angeles where he can be found in his spare time training for triathlons or carving the canyons on his motorcycle. 


Q: Why did you create ALWRLD?

Philip: Philip’s vision is to lead all manufacturing, local and global, into adopting a fully sustainable business model. ALWRLD was founded as a Clean Sport brand to spearhead this commercial structure through offering active and sport apparel in which every garment has a sustainable initiative. He believes this is the future of industry and is vital for passing a high-quality of life to next generations. 


Q: What makes ALWRLD’s activewear stand out amongst others? 

Philip: ALWRLD is first and foremost a superb activewear brand. Using sustainable fabrics for every garment is part of the brand’s DNA and there is no compromise on the style, quality or fit. ALWRLD stands out because of its community and passion to bring people together over a shared goal of progress with integrity. 


Q: What is planet-based sport and why is it important to ALWRLD? 

Philip: Planet-based sport is a view that sport is not an isolated activity but is something that brings us together as a community. It’s an understanding that our actions, in sport and everyday life, have an impact on people and the environment. We have a choice of whether we want that impact to be positive or negative. And like so many things, our choices are compounding and over time we have a profound influence. 


Q: If there is any message to take away from ALWRLD products what would it be? 

Philip: ALWRLD products have two inherent characteristics. One, they are good for people. Every detail of the design process is challenged to create something that is exceptional. And, a better environment is a better place for people to live. Two, the products are good for the planet. We play out the long-term effects of our decisions and choose to do what’s in the best interest for better product quality and quality of life.

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