Non Fiction Page Turners

Summer is here and for me that means more time to do the things I love, like reading non-fiction books! I recently ordered a few books to peel through during long days by the Boulder creek or moments of peace at the top of the second flatiron. Below are my top three picks for non-fiction books to get lost in this Summer, enjoy!

1. Lost & Found by Kathryn Schulz

This book weaves the love and loss of all beautiful storytelling that helps us see how lives are shaped by discovery and loss. Eighteen months before Kathryn’s father died, she met the woman she would marry and call the love of her life. She parallels these stories to show the ups and downs of life and how what we go through shapes the way we are no matter if it is good or bad. This is a book about common, everyday experiences, things we all live through and leaves the reader with an emotional clarity they may not have seen before. 

2. The Great Stewardess Rebellion by Nell McShane Wulfhart

This book left me feeling empowered, inspired, and so grateful for all the opportunities in my life today as a woman and grateful for the woman who paved the way for me to work towards having equal opportunities. This is a story of a group of spirited stewardesses who fought for their rights in the cabin in ‘60s - ‘70s. These women helped revolutionize the workplace for all American women. The story of women who fought for their rights and won.

3. Human Errors by Nathan H. Lents

As a human myself, I always thought our species was pretty evolved, I mean you are reading something I wrote and you can understand me, that’s pretty wild right? Anyway this book made me look at myself and my body with a greater appreciation and understanding. As biology professor Lents explains, the human body is one big pile of compromises and humans have many design flaws because we are very good at getting around them. This book takes you on a journey of human evolution and over 4 billion years of trial and era in adaptations. This book celebrates our imperfections and gives us a greater look into the beings we are today.

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