LA Surf Guide: Seven Spots to Ride Waves

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, retired pro-longboarder and KASSIA + SURF Founder Kassia Meador gives a rundown on the best surf spots in town. Here are Kassia's favorite spots to ride waves in LA:

1. Venice Breakwater

A fun little spot in Venice that takes a south wind well. There are rights off the breakwater in the wintertime NW swell season, and in the summertime, as we get the south swells, there are fun lefts. It prefers a higher tine; anything from 4-6 foot tide is good. And it also likes a smaller swell if it is a groundswell 2-4 foot max or it closes out. I have had my best days there on crossed-up wind swells.

2. Bay Street

Very similar to Venice breakwater but with more open peaks up and down the beach. It can take a little lower tide, depending on the swell. 3-6 foot range works. And really also prefers a smaller crossed-up wind swell. It's good for variety and plenty of fun little waves coming in.

3. Sunset Beach

A great friendly beginner spot right where the sunset hits the PCH. There is a parking lot and parking on the street; I suggest parking in the lot. This spot is open to many swell directions and best 2-3 + on a medium tide. There are rocks, but you can see them all for the most part, so no diving! :) It offers a soft rolling wave with rights and lefts and is a friendly spot with lots of beginners.

4. Topanga

I like this spot best in the wintertime swell season; west to northwest swells are best. I also really like it on a higher tide. Fun, clean right walls that peel down the beach. Head there on anything 2-3 foot + with a 4 foot + tide and climbing. I suggest parking in the lot and heading down the southern staircase. It can get quite crowded off the point so sitting from the main lifeguard tower to the south is a bit more mellow and user-friendly.

5. First Point Malibu

It's one of my favorite and the most crowded break in the region. This place isn't the best spot for beginners just because of the crowds. But it is definitely a good spot to watch some great surfers and waves on a bombing south swell. It gets best in the summer swell season, and any south swell and medium tide are my favorite. You can get an early south in the spring or a late south in the fall and have an epic time without as many people around.

6. Leo Carillo / Secos

Love love love this wave. It gets crowded easily as there is a small take-off spot by a big rock. It is more of an intermediate to an advanced wave as there are a lot of rocks and a tight take-off spot. It really loves a 5-foot plus high tide, and south and west swells all work great there. There is also a sweet camping spots.

7. County Line

Open to a lot of different swells, and if you live in northern LA, it is an easy spot to access to get a wave before work. There is parking along the highway and in a small dirt lot. Much larger than most of the point breaks in the LA bay so it is a good spot to go when the swell is small. Mid tides are best, and there are more lefts in the middle of the beach in the summer swell months. Fun rights off the point in the northwest and west swells.

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